About us

JOINT STOCK “VOLGA SHIPPING”, one of the oldest companies in Russia, was founded in 1843 and is one of the largest shipping companies in the country today.

It performs cargo shipping along the inland water ways of Russia, by river-sea and international routes. About 200 dry cargo carriers and tankers operate in the period of navigation.

The company’s geographic footprint on inland water ways covers the territories of the North-Western, Central, Volga, Azov-Don, Kama and Belsk basins with the entry into coastal waters of the Baltic, Black and Caspian seas. Key cargo flows of river-sea fleet include seaports of Europe, Middle east, North Africa and the Caspian Sea.

Volga Shipping Company holds the leading position in the market of cargo transportation within the European part of Russia: the company accounts for over a half of the country’s inland water transport throughput. 10.8 million tonnes – volume of the company’s shipments in 2018.

Currently the Shipping Company has four branches — fleet maintenance bases: Bor, Volzhsky bases. JOINT STOCK “VOLGA SHIPPING” is a major shareholder of two shipyards: Borremflot JSC, Pamyat' Parizhskoy Communy JSC and the principal shareholder of the Voznesenye Fleet Maintenance Base JSC.


The company mission

The Company mission is to be a reliable and beneficial partner at the market of river and sea transportation, provide services confirming to the highest world quality standards, business efficiency and profitability; be actively involved in the Russian Federation fleet renewal.

Our goal

Our goal is to strengthen the status of the Russian national carrier and the leading shipping company in cargo transportation; meet demanding requirements of our partners by means of implementation of the personnel development programme, construction of new and modernization of the operating cargo fleet.