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Alexander Shishkin, managing director of the Volga Shipping: Development of navigation on the Volga and current issues of the modern shipping company

17 August, 2017

Alexander Shishkin, Managing Director of Volga Shipping Company (part of the UCL Holding), spoke at the Russian Educational Youth Forum "Terra Scientia on Klyazma River" on August 16, 2017 where, in the framework of the thematic session "Young Transport Specialists", told the forum participants about the main stages of navigation development on the Volga. The session "Young Transport Specialists", organized by Rosmolodezh and the RF Ministry of Transport, takes place at the forum on August 14-20.

In his speech Alexander Shishkin mentioned that at the moment the Volga Shipping Company puts major focus on the transportation of dry cargoes to river and sea ports, since such a solution allows to focus on the efficient use of the Volgo-Don type vessels, the towing fleet and the heavy river motor vessels RSD44.

The new vessels of the RSD44 project, operated by the shipping company, show high efficiency and profitability, as they differ from other dry cargo vessels not only in equipment, but also in design features. Their low overall height allows the vessels to pass under bridges without drawing the latter. For five years of operation, new vessels transported about 5 million tons of various cargoes.

In his speech Alexander Shishkin put special focus on the current problems of modern river navigation. According to him, in recent years the problem of shallow waters on the Volga and the Don rivers has become acute for many enterprises in the industry, as a result of which the companies lost a significant amount of cargoes: vessels were underloaded due to restrictions on the depth of the Volga in the Gorodets area, and of the Don in the area of Bagaevskaya village . Meanwhile, in 2016, following the results of the thematic meeting of the State Council chaired by the RF President Vladimir Putin, where the advantages of water transport compared to railway and road transport were pointed out, a decision was made to build a low-head water power development on the Volga. "The planned putting the dam into service in 2021 will help solve many problems with navigation on the Volga," emphasized Alexander Shishkin.

The speaker particularly noted that cargo transportation by vessels on the Russian rivers still remains competitive. The company ships transport about 1.5 million tons of grain cargo, 1 million tons of sulfur, 0.5 million tons of metal every year.

Speaking about advantages of water transport in comparison with transportation by road and railways, Alexander Shishkin cited the concept of "3E": environmental friendliness, efficiency, economy. At the moment, river transport is recognized to be one of the most environmentally friendly all over the world: the noise figure, the emissions of CO and CO2 are much lower than, for example, in road transport. It is more efficient and economically advantageous for cargoes carriage over long distances. "One typical dry cargo vessel with carrying capacity of 5 thousand tons carries the same amount of cargo as a train of 83 carriages or 420 trucks weighing 12 tons each," the speaker said.

"I must say that the Volga Shipping Company engaged in cargo transportation on the inland waterways and at sea, realizes the importance of the navigation safety management system, so it constantly works towards the use of advanced technologies. Reliability and stability of work combined with modern methods of management and business development characterize our company in our work with partners, clients and investors," Alexander Shishkin said in conclusion.

Reference: "Terra Scientia on Klyazma River" is an annual Russian Educational Youth Forum. It is held since 2015 on the initiative of the Federal Youth Affairs Agency and includes eight thematic sessions. In the period from August 14 to August 20, 2017, the forum hosts a session "Young Transport Specialists", organized by the Federal Youth Affairs Agency (Rosmolodezh) together with the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. Among the guests of the session: the Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Igor Levitin and the Minister of Transport of Russia Maxim Sokolov.

The Volga Shipping JSC is one of the largest shipping companies in Russia. It was founded in 1843. It performs cargo transportation along the rivers and lakes of the country. According to the navigation results 5.2 mln tons of cargos were transported by the company vessels in 2016. The Volga Shipping Company is part of the VBTH holding – a shipping division of the international transport group Universal Cargo Logistics Holding, consolidating a number of Russian railway, stevedoring and logistics companies. The division also includes the North-Western Shipping Company, V.F. Tanker Company, Okskaya Shipyard.