During the period of navigation the Volga Shipping Company provides operation of about 200 self-propelled and non-self-propelled vessels, which transport about 7.5 million tons of cargo.

The main vessels used by the Volga Shipping Company for cargo transportation are: 74 Volgo-Don type motor vessels with cargo capacity of 5,000 tons, 50 pusher tugs with capacity of 800 to 2400 hp with barge trains having cargo capacity of 4.5-18 thousand tons, 78 non-self-propelled barges. Construction of new vessels of RSD44 project with cargo capacity of 5,400 tons became a very important step in the development of cargo transportation of the Volga Shipping Company. In 2011-2012 10 new dry cargo vessels of the RSD44 project were put into operation.

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