Push-train of sections

Sections project 758АМ

The Russian River Register Class

O 2.0

Two-section twin push-train with a tug-tower

Head section:
Overall length: 114,6 m
Overall breadth: 14,24 m
Draft: 3,7m
Cargo carrying capacity: 4500 tons
End section:
Overall length: 114,45 m
Overall breadth: 14,24 m
Draft: 3,7 m
Cargo carrying capacity: 4575 tons

Vessel nomination

Shipment of weatherproof bulk in open: coal, wood, mineral-building materials, industrial raw materials and general cargo.

Vessel type

Push-train of hold sections with double bottom and inner skin, designed for sailing by push-towing, adapted to form single-twin-triple barge trains with cargo capacity of 9000 to 18 000 tons.

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