RST54 project tanker

Project RST54

Class according to the Russian River Register

M-PR 2,5 (Ice 30)A

Length overall: 140,95 m
Breadth overall: 16,9 m
Depth: 5,0 m
Draft in river: 3,6 m
Deadweight in river: 5 745 tons
Quantity of tanks: 12
Cargo (slop) tank сapacity: 5 653 m3
Cargo deck size and volume: length — 103,4 m
breadth — 12,4 m
volume — 2 564 m3
Coaming height: 2,0 m
Safe load on deck: 5,5 t/m2
Dry cargo weight on deck: 4 700 tons
Vessel speed: 10 knots
Endurance: 20 days
Boiler type and capacity: 2 х СНВ −3000; 2,5 tons per hour
Cargo pumps type and output: MARFLEX
2 х Q=300 m3/hour
0,8 MРа
ME power: 2×1200 kW
Vessel hull structure: double bottom /
double sides
Crew: 12

Vessel destination

Transportation of petroleum products with a flash point over +60 ºС; crushed stone and other general and bulk cargoes that do not deteriorate when wetted; metal products; timber; coal; oversize and heavy-weight cargoes; international standard containers (without mounting of fittings).

Vessel type

Combined (dry / liquid bulk cargo) twin FFP open-platform carrier.

Navigation area

Inland water basins of class M, and sea areas of class M-PR2,5.

Vessel name, year built and construction facility

Volga – Flot 10 / 2015 / Okskaya Shipyard facilities, Navashino

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