Quality management

Key quality related goals

  • to maintain high competitiveness of the company while complying with international and national standards and norms.
  • to maintain high level of the company’s economic efficiency and operational safety.
  • to ensure high business reputation and to protect its interests in the market, to keep the trust and respect of the partners and clients for long and reliable cooperative relationship.
  • to facilitate the development of Russia’s transport system.
  • to promote advanced delivery and handling technologies in the domestic market.

Objectives related to quality management

        To achieve the goals, NWSC managers and personnel pursue the following objectives in the field of quality management:

  • optimization and support of the company management structure ensuring achievement of the goals;
  • development, introduction and support of effective functioning as well as further improvement of the company’s quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001 to ensure high level of organization, responsibility and qualification of management and personnel;
  • keeping a wide range of cargo delivery services offered to clients;
  • maintenance of existing high-tech cargo delivery models;
  • development of new logistic schemes to meet the clients’ growing demands;
  • ensuring of guaranteed cargo tracking at each phase of the transportation process;
  • ensuring risk assessment when developing logistic schemes;
  • full guarantee of cargo safety;
  • support of the company’s high image;
  • obligatory study and apprehension of the quality policy and quality management system’s regulatory documents by the entire personnel, pursuance of their provisions during the operation process;
  • systematic analysis of performance and service quality requirements for the purpose of their permanent improvement;
  • allocation of resources and facilities required for quality improvement, optimization and measurement;
  • efficient research of logistic market and application of its findings in the operation;
  • involvement of high professionals, development of personnel and introduction of staff incentive schemes to ensure high quality performance of duties;
  • ensuring advanced equipment and telecommunication facilities;
  • guarantee of quality, reliability and safety of services;
  • compliance with all principles of the company’s quality policy.

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