Project 488 АМ/3 — Sormovsky

Class notation: KM (*) L3[1] R2 AUT2 by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping

Type of vessel: twin-screw dry cargo motor ship with a bow thruster

Vessels: Sormovsky-3051, Sormovsky-3052, Sormovsky-3053, Sormovsky-3054, Sormovsky-3055, Sormovsky-3056, Sormovsky-3057, Sormovsky-3058, Sormovsky-3060, Sormovsky-3064, Sormovsky-3067.

LOA, m 119,2
BOA, m 13,4
Draft, sea, m 4,3
Draft, river, m 3,6
Cargo carrying capacity, sea, t 3500
Cargo carrying capacity, river, t 2500
Deadweight, sea, t 3855
Deadweight, river, t 2755
Cargo holds capacity, cbm/cbf 4717/167300
Hold dimensions No 1, m 17,6×11,4×6
Hold dimensions No 2, m 22×11,4×6
Hold dimensions No 3, m 22×11,4×6
Hold dimensions No 4, m 15,4×11,4×6


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