For shareholders and investors

Dear Shareholders!

This section contains information from Volga Shipping Company that is subject to disclosure by issuers in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation on the securities market.

Please, be advised that contacting the Company via e-mail may cause some problems related to the reliable identification of a person who sent the letter (a request) and his status.

The Company would thereby appreciate if its shareholders’ letters (requests) will be delivered by postal or courier services with the attachment of documents confirming the status of the shareholder (extracts from the register of shareholders or statements of the depot account) as the Company is not eligible to request information from the register of shareholders about the person who has a personal account (depot account), as well as information on the number of securities of the issuer (Company) on the specified personal account (depot account) except on the grounds as provided in the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

Сorrespondence address:
Russia, 603001, Nizhny Novgorod, Markin Square, 15 A

In accordance with the Federal Law «On the Securities Market», information about a person for whom a personal account (depot account) is opened, as well as information about such an account, including transactions, can be provided, as general, only to a person who has a depot account, or his representative, as well as other persons in accordance with federal laws.

Depositories have the right, upon written instruction of the depositor, to provide other persons with information about such a depositor, as well as about operations on his depot account.

Information may be provided to the Issuer (Company) only in cases established by federal laws.

The documents are available at the Russian version of the website.