Dry bulk and general cargo transportation

Volga Shipping Company a leading provider of waterborne transportation service for a wide range of bulk and general cargo on international and domestic routes.


Grain cargo

During the inland navigation period grain cargoes are delivered by river vessels from origination points on the Volga and the Don to the destination, at offshore anchorage of Port Kavkaz for transshipment onto sea-going dry bulk vessels.

From the Russian ports in Azov-Black Sea Basin, grain cargo is delivered by sea-going and river-sea vessels to Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, Greece, Israel, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Holland, Germany.

Construction cargo

The Company's inland vessels deliver crushed stone, gravel, sand and gravel mixture and other construction materials to all ports of the European Russia.

Сargo loading points are located in the regions with crushed stone and granite quarries including the Republic of Karelia (Ladoga and Onega lakes) and the Kama River.

Metal and steel products

The cargo is transported from the Volga River basin along the Volga-Baltic and Volga-Caspian canals to sea and river harbours of European Russia.

From river and seaports in North-West Russia and the Volga region and further to the destination ports in the Baltic States, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey; from Holland to the seaports of the Baltic Sea.


The sulphur export main route: the lower Volga (Astrakhan) to Port Kavkaz.

Domestically the cargo is transported from Astrakhan to the largest industrial center Cherepovets.


The cargo is transported from the seaports in North-West Russia to the seaports of the Baltic States and Poland, on short sea trade routes between foreign ports in the Baltic and North Seas.

Timber cargo

Timber cargo is transported for export and between foreign ports.

Export shipments from North-West Russia river ports to North Europe ports and Scandinavia constitute up to 60% of the total volume of timber transportation.


Year-round transportation of export coal from the seaports in Russia’s southern region to Turkey, Bulgaria.


During inland waterways navigation season, salt cargo is delivered to Central Russia from the deposits of Lake Baskunchak in Astrakhan Region and technical salt is transported from the Verkhnekamskoye deposit of potash and potassium-magnesium deposits in Solikamsk.

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