Personnel policy

Volga Shipping Company is one of the largest shipping companies in Russia, founded in 1843. Volga Shipping specializes in cargo transportation on Russia’s inland waterways, on mixed river/sea and international sea routes.

Volga Shipping owns and operates a fleet of more than 236 dry cargo ships and tankers of total DWT exceeding 1.4 million tonnes.

Volga Shipping Company employs about 3,300 people, including more than 2,700 crew members.

The shipping company’s staff is a close-knit, highly qualified team that ensures effective implementation of the company’s business strategy.

The key areas of the company’s HR policies are the following:

— organization development (OD) through effective HR management;
— development of employee incentive scheme;

— organization of the training system, competencies development and career advancement;

— formation of corporate culture;

— ensuring social partnership between employees and the employer.

Relations between employees and the employer in Volga Shipping are regulated by the Labour Code of the Russian Federation, the Federal industrial agreement on maritime transport, and the collective agreement.

Employees of the shipping company are members of the primary Trade Union organization that is part of the Water Transport Workers’ of Russian Federation.

Every vessel of mixed river-sea class under the operational management of the shipping company is certified in accordance with the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006.

As a reliable and people-oriented employer Volga Shipping Company, fully complies with legal requirements, and strictly fulfills its financial responsibilities and social commitment to employees.