About Volga Shipping

Volga Shipping Company is one of the largest shipping companies in Russia, founded in 1843. Volga Shipping specializes in cargo transportation on Russia’s inland waterways, on mixed river/sea and international sea routes.

Volga Shipping owns and operates a fleet of more than 236 dry cargo ships and tankers of total DWT exceeding 1.4 million tonnes.

Volga Shipping footprint includes inland waterways the North-West, Central, Volga, Azov-Don, Kama and Belsky basins with access to the coastal waters of the Baltic, Black and Caspian seas, Russia’s northern ports and regions of the country’s Far North.

The main routes of Volga Shipping’s river-sea-going fleet include destination ports of Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Caspian Sеa.

The annual volume of transported goods exceeds 14 million tonnes.

Main cargo types

  • Dry bulk and break-bulk cargo: mineral and chemical fertilizers, grain, timber, salt, construction materials (crushed stone, gravel, sand and gravel mixture), coal, metal and steel products, sulphur, industrial and chemical raw materials.
  • Liquid bulk cargo: crude oil and oil products, edible vegetable oils, liquid chemicals.
  • Project and oversize cargo: heavylift equipment (for oil and gas production and processing, for nuclear, thermal energy, wind power, for petrochemical industry, machine building, shipbuilding, iron and steel industry, for infrastructure facilities) and floating oversize objects.

Volga Shipping’s long-standing customers include the largest Russian and international iron and steel enterprises, timber industry concerns, fertilizer producers, leading global grain traders, oil and gas companies. Volga Shipping provides waterborne transport service under long-term contracts.

Volga Shipping Company is a major shareholder in a conglomerate of Russian enterprises performing ship repair, modernisation and building medium-tonnage vessels.

Our mission

To be a reliable partner in waterborne transport service, to ensure the safety requirements for ships and people involved in the transportation business, in compliance with international and national environmental standards and best practices.

Our goal

Development and strengthening of long-term partnerships with leading Russian and international cargo owners, implementation of programs to improve the Company’s safety and quality management systems, construction of new vessels and upgrade of existing fleet.