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Project cargo shipping

Comprehensive transport and forwarding services for oversized and heavy cargo

Comprehensive freight forwarding services for oversize and heavy cargo Project transportation is carried out by a subsidiary company VBL LLC (Volgo-Baltic Logistics) which is a single center for chartering project cargo on the company's ships.

Volgo-Baltic Logistics is the exclusive commercial agent of Jumbo-SAL-Alliance in Russia and CIS countries. Jumbo-SAL-Alliance is 30 crane vessels with a ship crane capacity of up to 3000 tons.

Volgo-Baltic Logistic transports oversized cargo from different areas:

  • Oil and gas production and processing industry
  • Nuclear power industry
  • Thermal power industry
  • Wind power industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Machine building
  • Metallurgy
  • Infrastructure
  • Shipbuilding

Volgo-Baltic Logistics is engaged in complex forwarding services for oversized and heavy cargo, including:

  • Sea and river transportation of oversized and heavy cargo by ships and barges
  • Transshipment operations by cranes or ro-ro in ports and specialized berths.
  • Ground delivery of oversized and heavy cargo by various types of transpor.
  • Development and inspection of routes, including a feasibility study of investments.
  • Engineering support: organizing the development of projects for placement, fastening, transportation,infrastructure and berthing facilities projects, supervision of the safety of cargo operations
  • Organization of work on securing and unfastening cargo, ballasting.
  • Organization of construction of temporary berthing facilities.
  • Towing operations of any complexity, including towing of floating modules
  • Customs clearance services.
  • Insurance and certification services.
  • Registration of transport and accompanying documents, as well as obtaining permits for transportation.

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