Volga Shipping


Аvoid scams

Fraud Notice

We draw your attention to the fact that the cases of illegal usage of the name, brand and graphic images of Joint Stock Company “Shipping Company “Volga Shipping” (Volga-Flot JSC) have become more frequent recently.

These cases are mostly connected with sales of company property and services on a prepayment basis.

Fraud actions are implemented through exchange of letters between counterparties via email. In doing so, documents are issued on a blank that doesn’t correspond to the Volga-Flot JSC form, also with a usage of seal that doesn’t belong to Volga-Flot JSC. Examples of fake documents are presented below.

If you have any doubts concerning the authenticity of what is happening, in order to verify the legality of Volga-Flot JSC employee actions, as well as authenticity of executed documents on behalf of Volga-Flot JSC, please contact representatives of Volga-Flot JSC.

Contact information: office@volgaflot.com

In order to avoid any negative consequences, we strongly recommend to check whether the persons who correspond with you are representatives of Volga-Flot JSC and whether they are authorised to do so before making a payment.

Please, notify us of any alarming activities being conducted purportedly on behalf of Volga-Flot JSC by forwarding an email to the above email address as an attachment, including the email header.

Please, be aware that Volga-Flot JSC is not responsible for losses incurred by victims of such fraud actions.

Examples of false documents:

Letter form 15.06.2023423 KB
Warehouse receipt 15.06.2023245 KB
Account 15.06.2023236 KB