Volga Shipping


Our history


Emperor Nicholas I approves the charter of Volga Steamship Company.

This marks the beginning of the history of Volgaflot, the largest Russian shipping company.


Nationalization of the fleet, creation of a state system of water transport management.
The Board of the Volga River Shipping Company is formed.
Creation of a transport company North-West River Shipping.


During the WWII, the Volga and Ladoga military flotillas are created to assist the ground troops. The ship crews take part in combat operations.


Volga United River Shipping Company (VORP), which integrated Volga Cargo and Passenger Shipping headquartered in Gorky (now Nizhny Novgorod) and Volga Cargo Shipping Company with its headquarters in Kuibyshev (now Samara).


Vessels of North-Western River Shipping Company start to carry out transportation between foreign ports.


North-Western River Shipping Company is registered as North-Western Shipping Company JSC.

The state-owned Volga United River Shipping Company is transformed into a joint-stock company, Volgaflot being named its legal successor.


Together with North-West Shipping Company, Volga Shipping implements a program for the construction of 12 new ‘river-sea’ class dry cargo ships of Rusich type.


The fleet renewal program is being implemented. Heavy load river vessels and a fleet of mixed ‘river-sea’ class oil carriers are under construction.

Active replenishment of the fleet with new sea and ‘river-sea’ class dry cargo ships. Construction of DCV36 and RSD49 projects.


V.F. Tanker LLC becomes part of Volgaflot.


North-West Shipping Company becomes part of Volgaflot.