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NWSC subsidiary completed unique transportation project

06 November 2019
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Between June and October, Volgo-Baltic Logistic LLC (VBL), a subsidiary of North-Western Shipping Company PJSC (NWSC), fulfilled the contract on transportation of equipment for a wind farm in Kazakhstan under the order of ISS GLOBAL.

Over the reported period, the company’s ships made five voyages including five voyages by river-sea going vessels and two – by articulated tug/barge units. They delivered 13 sets of equipment with total volume exceeding 52,400 cbm. (freight tons). Components for wind generators were shipped to the Caspian Sea from Turkey and Germany. 

The first batch of equipment arrived in Aktau in late June. It was delivered from the German port of Brake by M/V Sormovsky-3054. Similar equipment was transported in the beginning of July from the Turkish port of Bandirma by the Neva-Leader-5 and, three weeks later, by the Neva-Leader-3.  

The first batch of lengthy items for wind power generating units was transported from Turkish Izmir by the Volgo-Baltic barge of NWSC. The equipment was delivered by the ATB unit from Turkey to Aktau in late July with the second batch of lengthy items delivered in the end of August by a barge chartered by Volgo-Baltic Logistic. 

Transportation of equipment by river-sea vessels was carried out simultaneously. M/V St. Alexy arrived in Aktau from Bandirma in the middle of August. The final batch of equipment was delivered to the Kazakh port by M/V St. Prince Vladimir, a ship of the same design. Having completed the loading in Brake in the end of August the ship called Bandirma to take aboard additional cargo, which was delivered in Aktau in mid-October. With the delivery of all cargo to the customer, Volgo-Baltic Logistic successfully completed the contract.  

Prior to fulfillment of the contract, the company spent several month of careful consideration of all details. NWSC and VBL specialists elaborated an optimal scheme for loading and fastening of equipment in holds and on decks of river-sea ships and barges. 

The required number of ships and voyages was determined basing on calculations. The specialists took into account the challenging situation in some sectors of the Volga river, particularly that at the Gorodets lock, hence their decision to ship the last batch of cargo from Brake by a different route, via the Bay of Biscay.  

The plans have already been shaped for implementation of projects in the navigation season of the next year.

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