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Volga Shipping Company closed navigation season of 2018

05 December 2018
Company news

Volga Shipping Company (a part of UCL Holding) has completed its navigation season of 2018. The company’s vessels carried 7.8 million tonnes of cargo, which exceeds the result of 2017 by 21%. This year, navigation season of Volga Shipping Company in the Southern Basin began one month earlier than usual and lasted for 268 days (From March 2 till November 24) — 24 days longer than in the previous year.

Transportation of export cargo totaled 4.7 million tonnes (up 19%, year-on-year). The volume of cargo carried by Russian routes grew by 602,000 tonnes (+24%) to 3.2 million tonnes.

Grain made the bulk of cargo carried in the navigation season of 2018 -3.4 million tonnes, up 55%, year-on-year.

Crushed stone from Karelia made the bulk of cargoes carried within Russia – 1.9 mln t, up 20%, year-on-year. Domestic transportation of gravel surged 3-fold to 0.3 mln t. Domestic transportation of other cargoes (metal, salt, gravel, industrial feedstock) has remained flat, year-on-year.

A total of 86 units of cargo and towing fleet and 61 non-self-propelled dry-cargo sections of Volga Shipping Company were deployed during the navigation period of 2018.

Upon completion of the navigation season all vessels have been put under scheduled maintenance at the maintenance centers of the shipping company and shipyards.
About the company:

JSC Volga Shipping Company is one of the biggest transport companies in Russia. It was founded in 1843. The company transports cargoes along rivers and lakes of the country. In 2017, Volga Shipping Company carried 6.5 million tonnes of cargo.

The Company is a part of VBTH, shipping division of Universal Cargo Logistics Holding, international transportation group consolidating a number of Russian railway, stevedoring and logistic companies (the majority stakeholder of VBTH). The division also comprises North Western Shipping Company, V.F.Tanker and Okskaya Sudoverf shipyard.