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Volga Shipping Company established a corporate award

07 September 2018
Company news

Volga Shipping Company (part of UCL Holding) has established a corporate award — a Volga Shipping Company badge.

According to the Company’s Regulations on Corporate Awards, the badge is to be awarded to the company specialists for dedicated work and significant contribution to improvement of the shipping company’s operational efficiency and ensuring safe operation of its fleet. The Volga Shipping Company badge is an appreciation of services and achievements of the personnel of the shipping company and the international transportation group UCL Holding.

The first badge will be awarded on 20 September 2018 at the ceremony dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Volga Shipping Company.

About the badge: The Volga Shipping Company badge is produced by Moscow based Zvezda plant manufacturing different types of awards. It shows a steering wheel, which is a symbol of shipping; an anchor, an emblem of Volga Shipping Company, and a pennant of the shipping company.