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Volga Shipping company delivered components for wind power generators

On August 14, the company completed the delivery of equipment of German origin from Bronka port 25 kilometers off Saint-Petersburg to the port of Rostov-on-Don.

The operation on delivery of components for wind power generators by inland water ways of Russia was performed between May and August involving three ships of the Sormovsky type and one ship of the Valdai type, the Svyatitel Aleksiy.

Total weight of the cargo was about 4,500 tonnes.

Prior to shipping of the components, extensive work had been performed to develop the delivery logistics and the scheme of equipment loading and securing, canal draught had been calculated for the most challenging sections of inland water ways.

About the company:

The fleet of Volga Shipping Company numbers 236 units with a total deadweight exceeding 1.4 million tonnes. In 2019, the company carried 14.3 million tonnes of cargo. The range of services offered by Volga Shipping Company includes: transportation of dry bulk, general, liquid bulk and project cargo along inland water ways of Russia by river-sea and international routes.

Equipment delivery is among the company’s priority business areas.

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