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Volga Shipping Company increased volumes carried by its seagoing dry cargo fleet

In the first half of 2020, Volga Shipping Company transported 2.46 million tonnes of cargo having shown a 9% growth, year-on-year.

Transportation of grain totaled 0.55 million tonnes (about 22% of the total volume), ferrous metal – 0.6 million tonnes (over 24%), chemical and mineral fertilizers – 0.22 million tonnes (about 9%), timber – 0.2 million tonnes (over 8.0 %), coal – 0.22 million tonnes (9%), non-ferrous metal – 0.18 million tonnes (7%).

In the reporting period, transportation of other types of cargo (feed concentrates, iron and manganese ore, construction cargo, metal scrap, clay and aluminium silicate, chemical cargo) totaled 0.49 million tonnes.

Exports accounted for the bulk of shipping (over 80.5%) and totaled some 2 million tonnes (+33%). The list of key export cargoes includes grain, timber, ferrous and non-ferrous metal, coal, chemical and mineral fertilizers. Some of them demonstrated the growth:

  • non-ferrous metal – by 66% to 0.16 million tonnes driven by increased number of voyages from Saint-Petersburg and southern ports of Russia;
  • ferrous metal – by 48% to 0.56 million tonnes driven by increased shipments of coiled metal from Novorossiysk and deliveries of such cargo from Taganrog to Turkey and from Saint-Petersburg to the ports of Poland and Latvia;
  • coal – almost two-fold to 0.22 million tonnes driven by newly attracted cargo flow from Kavkaz and Taganrog to the ports of Turkey and Bulgaria;
  • timber – by 36% to 0.12 million tonnes driven by increased volumes of round timber transported from the river ports of the North-Western Region.

Transportation of grain remained flat, year-on-year, at over 0.5 million tonnes.

Transportation between foreign ports dropped by almost 40% to 0.44 million tonnes (some 18% of the total volume) due to reduction in some segments of cargo.

Imports accounted for 1.6% of the total volume.

Transportation of cargo within Russia by river-sea and sea going ships was near zero in the first half of the year.

New vessels of the company (10 ships of Project DCV36 (lead ship - Amethyst) and 7 ships of Project RSD49, Neva-Leader) carried 0.83 million tonnes of cargo (34% of the total volume).

About the company:

The fleet of Volga Shipping Company with a total deadweight exceeding 1.4 million tonnes numbers 236 units including 47 river-sea going vessels and 10 sea going vessels.

In 2019, the company carried 14.3 million tonnes of cargo. The range of services offered by Volga Shipping Company includes: transportation of dry bulk, general, liquid bulk and project cargo along inland water ways of Russia by river-sea and international routes.

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